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Welcome to coCreationcamp – a place where we are exploring topics for envisioning the next, in co-design modes.

2011-2014. First cCc series. Launched in November 2011, it took place in Brussels, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Torino, St-Etienne Design Biennale, Lille and in Wallonia. It was exhibited as an innovative case at the Triennale in Milano. The “cCc” section (upper side menu navigation bar) gives access to some documentation. coCreationcamp workshops are taking place IRL – in real life – and the conversations and interactions are happening in the place. Hence, to know more about this series, get in touch.

2022-in progress. We are re-activating the series with a coCreationcamp taking place in Muscat in June 2022, as part of the Design Muscat programme, exploring “Insights, Interactions, Impacts” in designerly activities. Other coCreationcamp sessions are in preparation in France, Spain, Portugal, and more to come.

Why co-creation? In a nutshell, the plurality of views, approaches and methods will allow to go where one can not go alone. Only the co-creation journey can help to explore a complex question, a wicked problem, an innovation challenge: join a cCc or let’s co-organise one. Do get in touch. We are working on topics like: VR/AR scenarios, Food Design Systems, …

Some coCreationcamp workshops took place in France and in Italia, hence some pages of the website are in French or Italian.

coCreationcamp is a platform for expanding innovation, allowing the connections between public sector, private corporations and creative people.
coCreationcamp works on involving private and public stakeholders as well as creative people and innovation experts, from the worlds of design, academia, public sectors and think-tanks. The combined vision of these different players will allow prototype innovative scenarios for expanding the palette of humanity-centered practices.