The coCreationcamp series was initiated and launched on November 2021 in Brussels. It took place in different places, allowing to explore topics to be co-designed: Helsinki, Copenhagen, Torino, Lille as well as Wallonia and Brussels – from Food Systems to Ecodesign, from autoproduction to transformative organisation, from education and learning design to diversity of approaches of co-creation.

The coCreationcamp initiative was selected for an exhibition at the Triennale in Milano, in 2012, organised by Belgium is Design. “Perspectives, Triennale – 2012“, curated by Giovanna Massoni. About prototypes, products, services, projects and systems, Perspectives provides intriguing, thoughtful and playful perspectives from which to consider the influence and impact of design.

The coCreationcamp series is back in action in 2022 and next, with sessions in Oman, Brussels, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Kochi, Roma and the voyage continues.

One can access to the different programs of each coCreationcamp session via the menu tab under “cCc”.