Helsinki coCreationcamp will have the contributions of

Tuomas Antikainen

Industrial designer, Helsinki-Brussels

Tuomas Antikainen is a Finnish industrial designer with a long experience on a broad multidisciplinary design field. He sees design as a holistic means to approach different issues and tasks.

Antikainen has been active with his own company for 15 years and carried out projects from heavyduty metal-industry to cosmetics packages as well as museum and exhibition design. All through the years Antikainen has shared an interest on analytical and user-oriented design skills.

Antikainen has also been active with the University of Art and Design Helsinki, concentrating on strategic design and various student-projects with companies.

Alain Berteau

Alain Berteau is commited to developing and promoting relevant design solutions through innovative typologies, functional improvements, added-value narratives, powerful simplicity and effortless ecology. Born in Germany, Alain Berteau graduated in architecture in 1996 and now teaches furniture design at La Cambre Art School. Opened in 2002, his Brussels-based architecture practice has evolved into an award-winning product and  interior design agency. Alain Berteau pioneered influential inventions such as package-structured products and noise reducing office accessories. He was awarded the title of “designer of the year” at the 2006 Interieur Biennale. Currently working on some really exciting projects, he also provides branding and creative direction consultancy services.

Michael Chezek

BBA, International Business Management, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Espoo Finland

Michael Chezek is a BBA in International Business Management and works as a research intern at Laurea UAS in the CoCo project. His research is business metrics. Michael’s background is in logistics, construction and has had a 22 year military career.

Sang Hoon Degeimbre

Sang Hoon Degeimbre is the 2 stars michelin chef on the French speaking side and joining us in coCreationcamp 2012 Helsinki

At the age of five, Sanghoon Degeimbre was adopted with his younger brother into a large Belgian family with eight other children. By the age of 14, Degeimbre had discovered his love of cooking, and preparing meals for his family not only trained him in the practicalities of cooking for large numbers, but it also ignited his desire for further education.

Degeimbre enrolled in hotel school but soon found it wasn’t what he was looking for, so the ambitious young culinarian went on to intern at catering companies and supported himself by working in the wine cellars of local restaurants, where he discovered a passion for wine as he continued to enhance his culinary technique. Degeimbre soon found himself a wine director, and his résumé began expanding with stints at La Truffe Noire in Brussels; Petit Versailles in Gosselies; and La Salicorne, La Hulpe, and L’Eau Vive in Arbre.

In 1997, Degeimbre was finally ready to return to the kitchen to open his own restaurant, L’Air du Temps. Though he knew it was an enormous risk to return to the kitchen after so long and without formal chef training, Degeimbre focused on his own developed philosophy to give the restaurant credibility and direction. It’s a philosophy that combines high-concept cuisine, local ingredients (many from the restaurant garden), and innovative use of technology like sous vide, ultrasonic devices, immersion heating, and even ultrasound. Not surprisingly, wine plays a heavy role in the overall experience. With this philosophy driving him, Degeimbre has gained critical acclaim as he continues to push conceptual boundaries in a seamless, inspiring marriage of Belgian and Korean cuisine.

Christopher Evatt

Internationally known speaker, entrepreneur and breakthrough specialist

Christopher Evatt is from New Zealand, living in Finland, working in Europe assisting people and organisations to create extraordinary value.

A mentor and personal confident to leaders, based on thirty years of applied research, Christopher shares profound understandings and powerful ways for people, personally and through their organisations, to create extraordinary value. Users include leaders, managers and others in many well known organisations in both private and public sectors.

He is a highly-rated and sought-after professional speaker touching people at deep levels with his stimulating and interactive presentations.

François Jégou

François Jégou is Director of the Brussels-based design research company Strategic Design Scenarios, and has 20+ years of experience in strategic design, participative scenario building and new product-services system definition.

He is active in various fields and research projects from investigating Creative Communities for Sustainable Living in China, India, Brazil and Africa with UNEP to European research project investigating social innovation to support sustainable transition, exploring the future of innovation or building a deliberative platform on nanotech.

François is scientific director of the public innovation lab 27e Région in France and the co-ordinator of the DESIS Europe, the European branch of the Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability network. He teaches strategic design at ENSCI Les Ateliers Paris, La Cambre, Brussels and Politecnico, Milan.

He organizes the Sustainable Everyday Project platform. This collection of scenarios and cases of social innovations asked: what might everyday life be like in a sustainable society? How would we eat food, move, work, and take care of each other?. Last book on the subject: Collaborative Services, Social innovations and design for sustainability.

Nathali Kaster

M.Sc. in Business Administration and Information Systems, Information Management

Nathali Kaster received her BA in Information Management from Copenhagen Business School in 2010, and is studying M.Sc. Business Administration and Information Systems. Currently she is writing her Master thesis within the fields of information management, co-creation, and innovation, with purpose of understanding information management practices when applied to co-creation in innovation.

In 2009 she did an internship on website development at RSA group, Codan A/S and Trygg Hansa AB. In 2011 she was a teaching assistant at Copenhagen Business School, teaching the course Media strategy in digital communication. In 2011 she also attended the Grand Ecole SKEMA Business School in Sophia-Antipolis in France.

Krista Keränen

Krista Keränen holds Bachelor degrees in Hospitality Management and Business Management, and a Master’s degree in Hospitality Management. She is currently doing her PhD at the University of Cambridge, UK, and managing a research project called CoCo. She has a long background in service business and entrepreneurship. She has also been a senior lecturer since 2001, and as a development manager since 2008, at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Leppävaara Unit, Finland.

Kimmo Koskinen

Hospitality Management, Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Espoo Finland. Project Manager of coCreationCamp 2012 Helsinki

Kimmo Koskinen is a Hospitality Management student of Laurea University of Applied Sciences,  Leppävaara unit. He currently has a role as a researcher intern in Laurea UAS´s, Tekes funded project called CoCo – Co-production to Co-creation. Kimmo Koskinen is also the project manager of coCreationcamp 2012 Helsinki.

While taking few remaining courses and working for CoCo, He has started his Bachelors’ thesis and coCreationcamp 2012 Helsinki is also a part of it. In his thesis he tries to find a way to evaluate coCreationCamp 2012 Helsinki, following the methods and the ideology of Event ROI. He plans to graduate in autumn 2012.

Maja Lindhardt

MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems, Information Management

Maja Stockholm Lindhardt is an MSc student in Business Administration and Information Systems at Copenhagen Business School. She received her BA in Information Management in 2010. Currently she is conducting her Master thesis within the fields of Information Management, Co-Creation and Innovation. The purpose of the Master thesis is to investigate how Information Management practices can enable Co-Creation of Innovation and she expects to finish it in August 2012.

Maja also holds an education as a Design Technologist and is a certified Life- and Business Coach. Besides her studies she is working in the IT department of one of Denmark’s leading telecommunications companies, TDC.

Tuuli Mattelmäki

Tuuli Mattelmäki works as Associate professor at Aalto University, School Art, Design and Architecture’s Department of Design where she also leads ENCORE-engaging co-design research group. Earlier she has worked also in Aalto Service Factory as academic community director. Her research interests focus on empathic design, user-centred and co-design approaches as well as designing for services. Her work especially on Design Probes is widely known within design research internationally.  Being educated as an industrial designer she has applied her design competences in enhancing innovative approaches that are inspired by the richness of human experiences and everyday practices.

Henri Monceau

Henri Monceau was responsible for the coordination of the overall activities of Tomorrow’s Europe, alongside Stephen Boucher. He also manages Notre Europe‘s DiDACT (Deliberation in Democracy: towards Active Citizenship Training) research project.

Henri has national and European experience in the area of strategy and political decision-making, particularly in the sectors of education, transport, international cooperation, innovation, and governance.

A ministerial adviser turned independent consultant, Henri was Directeur de cabinet of the Belgian vice prime minister from 1999 to 2003. He was responsable for the Action Grundtvig element of the EU Socrates programme from 1996 to 1999, and worked for various ONGs from 1990 to 1996. Since 1995 he has been involved in several research and action initiatives in the field of democratic participation and transnational governance. He is director of the programme DiDACT (Deliberation in Democracy: towards Active Citizenship Training).

Alok Nandi

Strategic & interaction designer, founder of coCreationcamp, founder of PechaKucha Brussels, Ignite Brussels, Design Brunch & principal at Architempo

In parallel to his activities in strategic design, Alok b. Nandi is co-founder of coCreationcamp.

He is active in media art and design, with a focus on interaction designco-design and co-creation. His previous professional experiences include a.o. advertising (P&G), film production, exhibition design and publishing (Casterman, groupe Flammarion); as well as institutional communication (climate change, sustainable energy, transportation, …).

Background combines electro-mechanical engineering, management and film studies.

Invited professor and regular speaker in international conferences incl. Interactive Frictions in Los Angeles, DAC in Georgia Tech and in Bergen Norway, CODE 2001 in Cambridge UK, ArtSci 2002 in New York, ARCO03 in Madrid, transmediale06 in Berlin, Media in Transition at MIT Cambridge USA, Doors of Perception 2005 (Infra) and 2007 (Juice) in New Delhi, ISEA 2008 in Singapore; Singapore Design Festival 2009, Centre Pompidou Hors-Pistes 2010 Paris; Copenhagen Design Week 2011 – cocreatech & MindLab.

Jury member in film and media festivals. Invited expert by EU, Canada and Belgium a.o. and commission member (VAF Experimentale Media Kunst 2006-2007; CFWB Commission des Arts Numériques 2006-2008; Societe civile des auteurs multimedia 2007-2011 & 2011-2015).

Founder and organiser of {creativity * conversation} events which include Pecha Kucha Night Brussels and Ignite, as well as interventions on food design and typography

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen is studying her second year in Business Management at Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Leppävaara Unit, Finland.

She is currently participating in Coco research project as a HankeHops student, doing relevant research for her courses. She will have shared-workshop with Anna Poutiainen in the Co-creation Camp presenting co-creation self-assessment measurement.

Heidi Nikkola

Heidi Nikkola is a third-year bachelor’s degree student in Service Management in Laurea, Leppävaara Unit, Finland.

At the moment she’s doing her bachelor’s thesis about developing co-creation tools for B-2-B-companies, using different methods of engaged scholarship. Thesis will be done for the research project called CoCo.

Anna Poutiainen

Anna Poutiainen is studying her final year in Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Leppävaara unit. She will graduate as Bachelor of Business Management in winter 2012. Since fall 2011 Anna has been conducting her studies in ProjectPSP in which all study credits are accumulated through participating in Laurea’s R&D projects. From the beginning of ProjectPSP studies, she has been working for CoCo project which focuses on creating co-creation tools for companies.

Sudhanshu Rai

Post-Doc, CBS, Copenhagen Business School

Sudhanshu Rai received his PhD from the Copenhagen Business School, Department of Informatics on January 26th 2007. He is currently a faculty member at the Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School. He has two Masters Degrees’, one in International Economics, Banking and Finance from The University of Wales and the other in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. During his PhD Sudhanshu was a visiting research fellow at the London School of Economics. Currently Sudhanshu is working on a book titled “Breaking out of the developed-developing paradigm; How ICT Innovation is changing the face of markets in emerging economies”, (forthcoming).

His main research area is ICT Innovation in emerging economies, Institutional logics, Indian reasoning, Disruptive innovation and Knowledge management. Sudhanshu is working on developing the idea of Co-creation of ICT Innovation for future markets, and is applying for funding to create a co-creation lab to study the process of co-creation of ICT Innovation.

Sudhanshu is an active research fund raiser and likes to compete at the European level with research proposals. He has succeeded in winning the Euro-India Innovation Mapping project along with his consortium members which mapped ICT Innovation from 2008 to 2009. His current papers address aims to explore the nature of ICT Innovation, how ICT Innovation has the potential to transform developing countries. He uses data from the Euro-India project to explain and explore the impact of ICT on innovation in the coming years on emerging economies.

Dr. Sudhanshu Rai has been chosen as an Outstanding Reviewer at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011. He has been selected for the very impressive and significant contribution he has made as a Reviewer to Journal of Knowledge Management throughout 2010.

Kirsikka Vaajakallio

Kirsikka Vaajakallio has MA in industrial design, and she will defense her doctoral dissertation “Design games as a tool, a mindset and a structure” in August 2012. She is specialized in user centered design focusing on creative team work, particularly how game-like approaches like design games facilitate collaboration during early phases of design process. She is part of Encore (engaging co-design research) research group at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She has been working in several design research projects, and has published around 20 articles. At the moment she works in Tekes funded strategic project Atlas (A map for the future service co-development) and coordinates three student courses belonging to the WDC 2012 year and Wellbeing 365 project focusing on rethinking senior center and related services in the city of Kauniainen.