The series “Stories of Sustainability” is exploring the multiple facets of what we mean by “sustainability” now and in the near future, in 2023-2030, where there are so many contextual changes and tensions, be it environmental, social, societal, political, institutional, … in a so-called VUCA world, where one framework often used is about the 17 SDG. [note: VUCA = Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous; SDG = Sustainable Development Goals]

Here are some questions to trigger the conversations: What’s up with the SDG’s? How far are we in the implementation of these 17 goals? Who is doing what? At what scale? Let’s try to grasp the connections between intents and impacts.

The first set of talks and interactions is taking place in Brussels on September 26th 2023, during World Interaction Design Day – IxDD, organised by IxDA Brussels – Interaction Design Association group in Brussels. IxDD is a global distributed event by IxDA, happening the same day on 120+ locations on the planet: on site, on line, hybrid.

The 2023 IxDD theme is “Ethics, Equity + Responsibility”. Stay tuned for more on contributors, location and meanwhile save the date: 6 pm on September 26th 2023 for “Stories of Sustainability @ IxDD”.

We are also working on a “Stories of Sustainability @ PechaKucha Night Brussels” – call for partners and speakers coming.