Brussels Service Jam

March 1-3, 2013 – Just 48 hours to change the world !

Spread and share: the hashtags are #GSJ13 and #jambrussels


What is a Jam ?
The Global Service Jam is a cooperative gathering of people interested in a design-based approach to creativity and problem solving, with more than 100 cities participating at the same time all over the world. In a spirit of experimentation, co-operation and friendly competition, teams will have 48 hours to develop brand new services inspired by a shared theme. On Sunday 3rd March at 3 pm, they publish these to the world.

Who is joining ?
The event is open for everybody, interested in service and using a design-based approach to problem solving and creativity. All participants will have the opportunity to challenge themselves, learning new tools and discovering new ways to work together.


The general structure of the event will be the following for the three days:

Friday – 1. March 2013
18:00 : meet up, games, get to know each other
18:30 : announce theme
18:40 : group brainstorming
19:30 : food, informal discussion
21:00 : pitching session, teams form

Saturday – 2. March 2013
09:30 : jammy breakfast
10.00 : brainstorm and pitch
10.30 : street research, collation, ideation
13:00 : status reports from teams
13:30 : design, first prototype
16:00 : status reports from teams
17:00 : evaluation, ideation, design, and second prototype
18:00 : status reports from teams

Sunday – 3. March 2013
09:30 : jammy breakfast
10.00 : evaluation, ideation, design, final prototype
12.00 : status reports from teams
13:00 : prepare presentation and prepare upload
15:00 : upload documentation of prototypes
16:00 : team presentations
17:00 : closing

Who organizes it?
The event is organized by Architempo, ESN, Namahn, Poplar; four experienced Brussels-based agencies specialized in creative problem solving and design thinking, institutional communication and multiple media.

Where does it take place?
It’s going to be in the center of Brussels, in Gallery Ravenstein, close reach from the Central Station.

How can I join?
The Brussels Service Jam is a non-profit event, with free admission for participants. To join the jam, you only have to register. However, we welcome sponsorship in kind, food & drinks, …


Twinning and connecting



Spread and share: the hashtags are #GSJ13 and #jambrussels

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Brussels Service Jam is co-organised by Architempo, ESN, Namahn, Poplar.