Laurence Vanhée built her career on the innovative development of people, teams and organisations. She has 15+ years experience as an HR director to bring sustainable changes for local and international players in several industry sectors. She dedicates now her energy to the Belgian public sector.

Laurence leads HR teams & business facilitators and she is an active member of executive management teams for more than 10 years. Laurence has been nominated as HR Team leader of the year in 2007 and as HR Manager of the year in 2008.

Laurence is the proud founder of, a Belgian HR network and think tank which focuses on the development of innovative and pragmatic HR concepts. She blogs on

She is also independent advisor for several boards of directors of national HR / Com companies. She is executive member of the HR Belgian Public Network – HR Excellence for Public sector and beyond, gathering top executive civil agents. She followed executive programs in Philosophy and Management and leads ISO26000 project.