Copenhagen Business School has 18,000 students and an annual intake of 1,500 exchange students. With this number of students as well as 600 full-time researchers and 600 administrative employees, CBS is one of the largest business schools in Europe.

The central idea of the Co-creation lab for Innovation for future markets (CCLIFM) will consider ICT as the core enabler for innovation and then provide a bridge between Innovation theories, Design science theories, Information system theories of innovation processes, management theories about innovation and linking it to the real world of practice. The CCLIFM will target at enabling experiments in partnership with industry, academia and government to look for, design develop and create solutions to disruptive phenomena’s that has the potential to create new markets by forming new ecosystems of products and services and introducing new product platforms in new markets. The focus of the CCLIFM will be primarily to work at the boundaries of diverse knowledge.