The first edition of coCreationcamp is taking place in Brussels on Nov. 20 and 21st, 2011.

coCreationcamp is launched as a two-day event combining inspiring talks, ideas generation sessions and hands-on workshops on Nov. 20 and Nov. 21 in Brussels.

Including different forms and formats, it will allow to refine and redefine coCreation for today’s societal and market issues for a better society.

Some questions which will be investigated during the coCreationcamp are :

  • How can we define value, specifically in systems where co-creation is key?
  • Can value be defined upfront before engaging in the process?
  • How can sustainable and systemic input and value be measured?
  • Can co-creation offer new ways of increasing, sharing or rapidly creating value?
  • How do we move beyond the terms ‘users’ and ‘customers’ to focus on ‘people’?
  • How do we provide people with the means and tools to create their own solutions?
  • How do we create profitable new business models based on co-creation?
  • What do we mean by profitable? In which systems, for who?
  • How do we create new measuring tools to evaluate and reveal the value of co-creation?
Let’s add your questions and explore co-creation routes.