The initial keywords are ref.:

  • context: sustainability, learning design
  • praxis: innovation concept, strategy, service, communication, brand, experience, cx-ux-ui
  • areas: food, sport, hospitality
  • people: from everyday citizen to shakers and movers
  • conversation: what flows, what remains
  • place: how does it impact in and around

The conceptual inquiry will be driven by this reflection by Alain Berthoz:

‘The world in which we operate is complex, and evolution has endowed us with bodies and brains of great complexity. “Simplexity” (Berthoz, 2009), as I understand it, is the set of solutions found by living organisms so that, despite the complexity of natural processes, the brain can prepare the act and project its consequences in the future. These solutions for action are simplifying principles for processing information or situations, based on past experience and anticipating the future. These are neither caricatures nor shortcuts or summaries. These are new ways of acting, “know-how”, sometimes at the cost of a few detours, to arrive at faster, more elegant, more effective actions or judgments.

This series of workshops explores the shaping and the sharing of stories, in a designerly context, helping to envision how to connect dots ~ actions, thoughts and emotions. We will interact on the narrative modalities and see how it comes or not into resonance with the design spectrum, ranging from signs to services to systems.

“Design always begins with a narrative ~ … ~ and gets concrete through interactions, artefacts, environments, infrastructures, experiences and stories.” []