While the planet is rebooting, we reactivate cocreation action plans: 2020-2021 is focused on the ImagesIN project, lead by Arles ENSP, Ecole nationale supérieure de la Photographie, under the coordination of Yannick Vernet.

ImagesIn is a project supported by the French Ministry of Culture since 2020, as part of the CulturePro program. In addition to the initial master’s training received at ENSP, ImagesIn allows young graduates to acquire skills and know-how in the field of image education and mediation. It also allows them to be introduced to agile methods and service design in order to build a unique educational offer linked to future beneficiaries (primary, middle and high school students as well as many other audiences such as leisure centers, EHPAD , neighborhood centers, people with disabilities, etc.).

The ImagesIn project is carried out in close collaboration with the Jeu de Paume, LE BAL and the Rencontres d’Arles as well as the Aix-Marseille Academy and INSEAC (the National Higher Institute of Artistic and Cultural Education). Alok Nandi is contributing to ImagesIN as designer and design researcher as well as facilitator.

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