coCreationcamp has a series of events-related partners and is building a scheme for structural partnership in 2012.

Brussels coCreationcamp 2011

Supporting Partners 

  • CBS – Copenhagen Business School / CCLIFM
  • Belgian Social Security Federal Public Services

Media Partners

  • Press Club Brussels Europe
  • Peoplesphere
  • RichCast

Platform Partner

  • Podio

Venue Partners

  • The Egg
  • Pacheco

Outreach Partners

  • La Chaire de création et créativité
  • IxDA Brussels
  • PechaKucha Brussels
  • The Hub Brussels
  • WBDM – Wallonie-Bruxelles Design Mode

We thank all the partners allowing to have this first edition of coCreationcamp in Brussels. We are setting structural partnerships plan and sponsorship packages for the next series to take place in Helsinki (May 2012), Copenhagen (June 2012), Brussels (Oct. 2012), … and more to come.

Do get in touch and join the conversation to exchange knowledge about co-creation, open innovation and distributed creativity.


Private corporations like Philips, Procter & Gamble, Nokia, ... are opening up innovation modalities, especially in the R&D phases. A number of companies are also looking to tap into the creative input at the market level. In parallel, public institutions in Denmark, in Finland, ... are exploring new collaboration models, empowering and engaging everyday people.

Some questions which will be investigated during the coCreationcamp are :
How can we define value, specifically in systems where co-creation is key?
Can value be defined upfront before engaging in the process?
How can sustainable and systemic input and value be measured?
Can co-creation offer new ways of increasing, sharing or rapidly creating value?
How do we provide people with the means and tools to create their own solutions?

Let's add your questions and explore co-creation routes.